Friday, June 6, 2008

Service Learning Reflection 5/28/08

This service learning meeting it was interesting. It was fun, we talked about pricing, and the trip to Home Depot to price the garden items. I was the time keeper. I announced the time every 30 minutes. We talked about what would be easy to take care of the garden. How we could get cheap pots to put the flowers in. Me and my group went to the home depot website and looked at the prices of the pots. We found a 9.25 Inch small pot saucer in aged ivory finish. It cost $19.98. And a 12.5 inch small pot in fern limestone finish. It costs $24.98.And a 22 inches *9 inches fern planter in fern limestone finish. It costs $29.98.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Service Learning April 21st

This is the first Service Learning meeting we had of the year. My Service Learning group is the Gardening Group. I was in this group last year and we tried to create a garden at the Jewish Muesum but didnt realy work out. At this meeting hopefully we will talk about working on that same project and make it work this time. The rest of the meeting we spent most of the time talking about possible ideas of what is expected of our group. We talked about what our group was about and what we could do in the group.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Service Learning April 28th

At this meeting it was based upon sorting people out. We spent most of the beginning of the meeting seeing where people belonged. After sorting that out we talked again about putting the garden at the constitution center. We also discussed how we would put the garden at the constitution center. Although this is only our second meeting of the year for service learning we made a lot of progression. We planned well for the future of a school garden.

Service learning May 9th

Service learning this week was pretty good. We started off pretty rough then the class dimmed down. We came in talking a bunch but stopped after about 5 minutes. The previous week we made groups of two. We split the group in half. It seemed as if the groups did not excist anymore. We worked on the smart board and made a list of things to do. On one side of the list it showed what we planned to do to get the garden started, dealing with funding, and location. On the other side it showed what we could do to improve the school and future things to do for the students such as a lounging place for us.

Service Learning May 5th

On thursdays meeting many issues were talked about. We talked about what we were gonna put in the garden. We talked about how we were going to keep the garden up. What we needed to keep the garden healthy. We were put in groups and toured the school on how we can improve it. I learned different ways of planting thing in the garden. We talked about why the garden at the jewish muesum was an unsuccesful project

Of Mice And Men(Motifs)

Of Mice And Men

The book Of Mice Of Men had great ways of expressing emotion. Many of the characters had a point in the story where the characters share their emotions. In this story there are a variety of motifs. Some are displayed broadly, while others are disguised.
By reading this book and watching the movie, motifs is one of the most noticeable things in the story. Different characters have different parts in the motif of this story. The motif I will be focusing on is loneliness and companionship. I want to focus on characters such as Curly’s wife, Candy, Crooks, Lennie, and George.
Curly’s wife is considered as the lonely part of the motif. She was married to Curly but still found herself lonely. She often spent time flirting with the men whom worked on the farm. Although searching for conversation many of the men tried to stay away from her to dodge trouble from her husband.
Candy was not so lonely with his dog by his side, through half of the story. But when his dog was taken from him he grew lonely and was in search of companionship. His dog was his only friend and his only family. Kind of like his best friend. Without his dog he had to search for someone else to fill that empty spot where his dog once was.
Crooks was both lonely and in search of companionship. He was stuck in a situation where he was looked as an alien. In a farm full of white men he was the only black person there. The other men were able after working on the fields to come back to a bunker. But Crook was not able to stay in the bunker with the rest of the men. Instead he had to go to his little shack all alone.
Lennie and George were not in search for companionship because they had each other. But they were two lonely people. In the story or fantasy Lennie enjoyed that George told he would say that they were lonely men in search of home. But when the time was right they wouldn’t be lonely they would have a farm and a house. Even though Lennie seemed to be the only one to enjoy the fantasy George loved it just as much.
Loneliness as well as the search for companionship was in the air in this story. Every character suffered from one of them in a part of this story. Some overcame it. While others couldn’t.